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Policy of this site

About management and use of personal information

Please refer to our Japanese section for the latest information concerning our privacy policy and handling of personal information. This English section is provided for information only and in no way defines our privacy policy nor personal information policy for legal purposes.

We take great care to ensure the privacy of our patient’s personal information. In order to provide the best medical services possible, some personal information may be shared with affiliated third parties. In such cases, we will monitor the information shared and do our utmost to ensure the information remains confidential. Individuals who visit one of our sites from anywhere must agree to the terms in the Protection of Personal Information Act in Japanese law.

About revision of the contents

The contents, construction, and “privacy policy” in this site are subject to change without notice. In case of an important revision, we will place a notice on this site.

About copyright

The copyright of this website belongs to Shinagawa LASIK Center unless otherwise noted.