The number of procedures we have performed is among the highest in the world!1,275,031cases(as of December 31st 2019)

The joy of seeing with your naked eyes  Super Intra LASIK can cure your myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism

State-of-the-art treatment for vision correction

Breakthrough treatment method “LASIK” employs high-precision medical excimer laser to adjust  refractive index of light through your eyes. 

Lext(LASIK+Crosslinking) 349,000yen(For both eyes/incl. tax)
AMARIS 750 ZLASIK 320,000yen(For both eyes/incl. tax)
Crystal ZLASIK 250,000yen(For both eyes/incl. tax)
Shinagawa IntraLASIK Advance 158,000yen(For both eyes/incl. tax)
ICL(Implantable lens)
※Astigmatism + 100,000 yen extra
500,000yen(For both eyes/incl. tax)

The above price includes counseling, comprehensive eye exam, surgery,

postoperative examinations, medicine and doctor’s check-up fee for the protection period.

The above-mentioned price is subject to change without notice.
Other treatments not indicated above are also available. Please contact our clinic for details.


We have been granted the award for performing the highest volume of SCHWIND AMARIS treatments in the world.